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Buddhism Today

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Boeddhisme Nu


Boeddhisme Nu

Bouddhisme Aujourd´hui


Bouddhisme Aujourd´hui is a magazine, published annually by the Buddhist Diamond Way centers in Francophone countries.

Books about Buddhism

Lama Ole Nydahl - The Way Things Are: A Living Approach to Buddhism

The Way Things Are is more than a Buddhist textbook. It is a living transmission of Buddha's deep wisdom, given by a Western Buddhist Master. Trough the four meditations included, the reader is invited to experience the liberating and powerful methods of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Lama Ole Nydahl - Buddha and Love: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relationships

Buddha & Love explores all aspects of love and partnership from a Buddhist perspective. Covering a broad spectrum of topics such as sexuality, infidelity, parenting, and divorce. Lama Ole Nydahl, a Buddhist Lama in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, explains how a Buddhist approach to relationships can help us to relax our minds, break bad habits, and use relationships to grow ourselves and benefit everyone around us. Unafraid of taboo topics, and free from sappy cliches and political correctness, Nydahl provides modern people with practical advice on how to love better.

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Lama Ole Nydahl - Fearless Death

For centuries Tibetan Buddhist masters have uncovered joy and meaning in the dying process. For them death is not a mystery. They know what will happen and see it as a great chance for spiritual development. Fearless Death makes their teachings accessible to the modern West. In Fearless Death Lama Ole Nydahl condenses the information he learned from years spent with great Buddhist masters in the East.

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Lama Ole Nydahl - The Great Seal

The Great Seal Limitless Space & Joy The Mahamudra View of Diamond Way Buddhism Lama Ole Nydahl’s refreshing and modern commentary to this classic Buddhist text about the nature of mind makes these teachings accessible to many people.

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Lama Ole Nydahl - Entering the Diamond Way

A perfect book to introduce Westerners to Tibetan Buddhism. This is the genuinely compelling story, and spiritual odyssey, of Ole and Hannah Nydahl, who in 1968 became the first Western students of the great Tibetan master, His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. Their exciting travels on the worn path between the green lowlands of Europe to the peaks of the Himalayas, led them to experience the skillful teachings of numerous Tibetan lamas who helped transform their lives into "limitless clarity and joy."

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Lama Ole Nydahl - Riding the Tiger

Riding the Tiger is the inside story of the establishment of Diamond Way Buddhism in the West. In his refreshingly unsentimental style, Lama Ole shares all aspects of the work, highlighting both healthy and unhealthy tendencies. Shining through the whole story is the Buddha’s ultimate aim, and the goal of Lama Ole’s life: to fully develop beings, to bring them to a state of such complete joy, fearlessness, and love that their every action blesses the world.

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