Diamond Way Buddhist Center Ghent
How do I get there?

Louis De Smetstraat 50
9050 Gentbrugge

+32 9 223 67 92

Mobile Phone:
+32 495 744 212
+32 487 157 456


Diamond Way Buddhist Center Ghent

Our Buddhist Center Ghent was established in 2004.

Twice a week we offer public meditation classes. These are suitable for both newcomers to meditation and the more experienced Diamond Way Buddhist practitioners. For newcomers there is always a short introduction to Diamond Way Buddhism and brief instruction on how to meditate. Our regular public meditation evenings are free of charge.

We regularly offer courses on Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, guided by experienced practitioners and teachers. 


Public Meditation Evenings in Ghent


Tuesday 8.30pm Guided Meditation on the 16th Karmapa

• Our public meditations are open to beginners and are free of charge
  • No registration necessary
  • Guided meditation lasts 30-45 min
  • No special clothes or equipment needed

What does a typical evening in the Buddhist Center look like?

Most Buddhist centers and groups offer regular meditation evenings for interested people with introductory explanations about what Buddhism is and about meditation practice in Diamond Way Buddhism. Of course, you are very welcome to ask as many questions as you like.

The guided meditation takes between 30 and 40 minutes. After the meditation, there is again enough time for questions or simply to meet the people in the center, who have often been meditating for many years. Participating in the meditation evening does not require registration and is free of charge.